Access Your Abundance Frequency Through Your Heart Opening to Abundance Connection

Before you incarnated into your current 3D life, your heart and soul experienced trauma, betrayal, and pain which caused your connection from within yourself to your Highest-Self to be frayed, separated and disconnected. These disconnections or “kinks” in your LIGHT can result in feeling alone, unloved, sad, depressed, struggling, experiencing lack of money, poor health, and unable to get clarity and direction. You may have tried many things to find your true “path and purpose” and the financial abundance you deserve but keep running into blocks and sabotaging energy that keep you locked in old patterns.

Still looking for the keys to unlock your dreams and desires??

Gabrielle is gifted with the ability to access “void energy” to be the conduit for providing the healing frequencies, sacred geometries, keys, codes and activations that are specifically needed by you. These “missing” frequencies will reconnect the areas of your multi-dimensional soul’s consciousness that have become separated and disconnected, which in turn has damaged your access to your spiritual / high-vibrational gifts and abilities. Gabrielle connects with your Soul / Higher Self to discover your “soul origin” events that created the issues you continually experience in your current life. It’s time to be ready for the life-changing renewal and expansion needed to raise your energetic frequency, to be in alignment with the flow of universal energies of peace, love, happiness and financial prosperity so you have SUSTAINABLE ABUNDANCE!

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Experiences of Healing and Abundance Shared by Clients

When you heal your soul's multi-dimensional consciousness, you free yourself from the "need pain for growth" cycle.
~ Gabrielle

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More Ways To Activate Your
Soul's Purpose and Abundance Now!

  • Live life without fear, struggle, lack, self-doubt, stress, or self-sabotage
  • The 5 biggest abundance mistakes
  • The most powerful tool you have for accessing your abundance
  • The vibrational energy formula to activate your purpose driven abundance for success
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Expanding Your Light Will Align You With Your Divine Truth, Trust and Soul's Destiny! ~ Gabrielle

Private Session with Gabrielle

  • Resolve the multi-dimensional origin's of the disconnection & separation events keeping you in pain, lack of love, happiness, healthy, money, stress & anxiety
  • 45 minute 1:1 session
  • Limited to one session / new clients only (if a returning client, please email Gabrielle for private session pricing)
  • Mp3 of your session is provided to you (recorded & emailed as mp3)

Soul Awakenings Inner Circle

  • 2 live masterclass healing & ascension energy acceleration calls every month
  • Group soul origin healings of separation & disconnection
  • Private community high-vibe inspiration & support group
  • Discount for members on live masterclass series and a private session

Heal Your Soul
Masterclass Series Mp3

  • Heal the separation of your soul
  • Heart illumination for greater abundance
  • Unlock higher-mind / higher-self connection
  • Bonus mp3s for deeper levels of healing of your heart, mind and soul connection for easy intergration of ascension energies and expanded conscious creation abilities

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