The way quantum energy healing works is by connecting you with the divine source of love that vibrates at the highest frequency and heals all parts of you on all levels... Gabrielle

All living beings are made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies which creates emotional patterns within us. When you experience emotional pain it often stems from painful memories stored in your emotional body. Your emotional bodies consist of all your past experiences that affect how you feel about yourself and other people. Your energy fields hold on to emotional scars, trauma, fear and anger that keeps you stuck in lower states of consciousness and disconnects you from accessing true unconditional love. Your heart holds a high level of energetic information and wisdom when you tap into your true power you are gracefully guided on your journey towards self-realization.
Your heart is an incredibly powerful source of healing and spiritual connection. Opening your heart to access greater levels of divine source love is central to expanding your consciousness into higher states, healing traumas and experiencing a more fulfilling life. Your heart resonates with unconditional love that has no limits or boundaries which makes it one of your most powerful tools for healing yourself and others.

Your heart's original frequency is of unconditional love, which has no limits or boundaries... Gabrielle

The key to unlocking your heart and experiencing unconditional love is realizing that love has no opposite. Every time you focus on negative emotions you create an energetic imbalance which prevents you from accessing higher states of consciousness and channeling universal energy through your heart center, which holds all your spiritual wisdom and connection with higher consciousness. Divine Love is a powerful force which comes from a place of divine creation and holds limitless potential for personal growth and spiritual expansion. The more you connect with Divine Love, the more you will be able to create your dreams into reality because when you’re in alignment with unconditional love, nothing can stop you!
Our hearts are incredibly powerful sources of healing and spiritual connection. Learning how to and being able to open our hearts and access that divine source of love is central to expanding our consciousness into higher states, healing traumas and experiencing a more fulfilling life.

Heal Your Heart With Gabrielle

Gabrielle is highly intuitive and has the ability to connect with Cosmic Creation Codes so that she can act as your conduit to your higher consciousness, soul, to guide you on a journey to connect you on all levels and aspects of yourself for more effective healing of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and aligning you with your Divine Aligned Life, Relationships, Business / Career, Wealth, Leadership and Purpose.

Healing the Heart
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A fully open heart will help you experience a higher level of consciousness to create a happier and more abundance in all areas of your life... Gabrielle

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