About Gabrielle

Catalyst for Light

Light is a frequency, there are states of “no light” (utter darkness), little light (a glimmer shines through) and levels of more and more Light. The ability to hold or channel Light within and through your inner-heart (high-heart chakra) is boundless!! The more Light you are able to hold and project, the more you affect yourself, and all those you connect with in your life in a positive way, making everyone around you a generator of positive love and abundance for you and themselves!

Imagine, having someone else tap into the multi-dimensional universe for you, to connect you with what your Higher Self deems is needed for you to move quickly, easily and with little fuss to your most radiant and abundant life!!

To have an abundant life, BE PRESENT, have the WILL AND DESIRE to have a positive vibration, RECOGNIZE OPPORTUNITIES (even when they don’t look like what you imagined) and TAKE ALIGNED ACTION!!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to open and expand your Heart Light for greater clarity, direction, and ability to tap into your own power to manifest abundance for yourself, your family and all those you come into contact with!

You are NOT alone, and you don’t have to do it on your own. Let Gabrielle support You in raising your vibration, activating your gifts and abilities, and living your soul’s purpose!

Gabrielle, has been an Ordained Minister since 1999, she has merged with her Light Body and utilizes her abilities to tap into greater levels of Light and higher vibrational frequencies to help you heal the consciousness of every energetic layer of your heart, spirit, mind, Higher Self, and Soul. Connecting you from within yourself to the higher vibrational frequencies of Light for sustainable abundance of peace, joy, love, happiness, health and wealth.

Gabrielle is an internationally known multi-dimensional channel and soul healer. She accesses the origins of your disconnections from your highest vibration and is the conduit for providing the harmonizing frequencies needed to bring you into soul level wholeness and abundance.

With her ancient knowledge and skills, gained from lifetimes as a High Priestess in Egypt and in the Court of Ra, an Atlantis Master Healer, an Oracle, Mage and many variations and skill levels of these gifts throughout multi-versal incarnations, she utilizes these reawakened abilities and universal frequencies she access’ in the present, to unlock your lifetimes of knowledge, skills and abilities so you reclaim and embody the highest frequency level of your soul and are able to go beyond.
Simply put, Gabrielle’s work puts you where you know you want and need to be but you haven’t found exactly how to get there. Through the Heart Opening to Abundance sequencing you will experience more Light within your physical, spiritual, energetic and etheric self. You will be fully connected from within using sacred geometry, keys and codes to connect and merge you with your multi-dimensional self and Light Body, which goes beyond spiritual awakening to spiritual BEING.

Activator of Abundance Light

Gabrielle’s life has had many defining moments and incidents that should have awakened her! But, and this can be said because this is truth, she was stubborn! Her Higher Self worked over-time to get her attention. Even so, she insisted on being in-charge of her life! Therefore, it took a loooong time to get her to move along her path and to her mission of service!

Her life shifted profoundly after her corporate career fell to her feet shattering the financially prosperous life she had built for herself and her family. Although she had been on a spiritual journey for 10 years at that time she had carefully kept her “real” life and her “spiritual” life separate!

The shattering of her career, losing her gorgeous (expensive) home wasn’t enough to make her act on the answers from within herself because she didn’t like the answers she was getting (many lifetimes of being tortured, turned away, and burned at the stake made her feel that she really didn’t want to go down this same road again!). Although she was actively working with clients, assisting them with raising their energetic frequency, she was willing to only go so far, because she was resistant to taking on her full mission.

So what happened next you ask? You guessed it, things did not improve. She was making her Higher Self work double time to get her to go deeper into the direction she was meant to go.

Finally, and this unfortunately took years and lots of turmoil, she once again said “yes” to going the next step. While this was many years ago, this story is shared because to be human is a wonderful thing but it is also difficult because of free choice and fear. Both are limitations.

Gabrielle helps you to free yourself of the illusions both free choice and fear create to keep you limited as a Spiritual Human. She connects you with who you really are and facilitates your evolution to reclaim the higher frequency levels of yourself and to excel beyond.

Gabrielle is gifted with the ability to connect with your Highest Self to get to the root origins of the issues that are sabotaging you and keeping you stuck in the low-vibe or less than happy life experience cycles you are currently living.

Access Your Abundance Frequency Through Your Heart Opening to Abundance Connection

Gabrielle accesses void energy to access advanced energetic keys, codes and activations which heal your soul’s consciousness to connect you from within and raise your energetic frequency so you are in the flow of the universal energies of peace, love, happiness and abundance. Find out what’s been stopping you from accessing your abundance…

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