Soul Awakenings Inner Circle Shine Your Light

Module 1

Module 1: Cosmic Compassion to clear the Victim / Victimizer Cycle (MP3)

We received many amazing healings, clearings, activations and gifts to assist us in clearing the 7th cycle in the wheel of life called the Victim / Victimizer level. Clearing of fear of being visible, responsible and fear of our own power! This was an amazing session and I hope you will take the time to listen and assimilate the many levels of gifts available to you!

Module 1: Keys to the Universal Library (MP3)

Beautiful beings of light! You Rock!! An amazing special transmission came through today! Keys to the Universal Library, Right Use of Power using the Universal Laws of compassion and right use of power. The merging of the divine male and female energies to create unity and sooo  much more! Download the mp3 and listen often to further integrate the energy, the healings and accelerations!

Module 2

Module 2: Inner Perceptions Create Your Outer World (MP3)

An amazing Soul Awakenings Inner Circle Masterclass call today! We RECEIVED! The beauty and the bounty of LIGHT is unparalled! The first, second and third chakras were unified into a solid flow of golden light! You are operating now from your heart chakra / high heart and above! Woohoo you!! We received healing on multi-dimensional levels to shift us to a higher foundational frequency. When we stay within a foundational frequency that is above the frequencies of fear (zero to 200) creation happens on it's own because your heart is in alignment with your soul! You are an energy master and know how to be LIGHT!!

Module 2: The Divine Cosmic 7 Wheels of Life (MP3)

Open yourself up to the Beyond the Beyond (unspeakable), Ancient, Cosmic, Galactic, Universal, Platinum, Rainbow (new colors: Emerald, Rose) Wheels of Life that are governing you! You aren't governed by them all but you are governed by more than one! We will be going deeper into all areas of these wheels of life as we go through this series! Buckle up cause it's going to be an amazing, eye and heart opening journey! 

Module 2: Accessing the Parallel Reality for Creation with Ease

Every time we gather as a group we are blessed beyond belief!! Today we were given the full access to our sister / parallel universe! Be sure to consciously practice as advised!! This is creation at a whole new level!! I can't wait to hear what you experience, what you learn and so much more! Be sure to download this mp3 for yourself and to listen often. The energy "took some people out" from the beginning so know that the energy has it's own consciousness and your heart is open to receive! The more you listen the more healing, creation ability and reconnection to your own power you will access!!

Module 1 Materials

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Meet Gabrielle Spencer and the Golden Beings of Light

Gabrielle Spencer

Gabrielle Spencer is known for Conscious Wealth Creation, she is a multi-dimensional intuitive channel, healer, inspirational speaker, author and practical spiritualist who’s considered a global leader on abundance and dream life creation. She’s inspired thousands of students, clients, and listeners to get “lit” from within and truly live the abundant life they desire. Gabrielle shares next-level spiritual tools, clearings and activations to unite your heart, mind, spirit and soul to allow you to crack the code on designing, creating and living the life of your dreams that’s filled with massive abundance. Gabrielle is here to shake up the way you think about your life, your power, your finances, your light and what you can achieve!

Golden Beings of Light

The Golden Beings of Light began working with Gabrielle and her clients in January 2018. They are 12th dimensional beings connected with the Golden Sun. They revealed their presence to Gabrielle in the “physical” form when she was on a high-vibe journey through the “heart of London” in the financial district! During the activation, the Golden Beings of Light showed themselves and anchored in the Golden Grid of Light over the financial district to change the energy of money into Love, releasing and healing the old paradigms and beliefs which limit the masses from accessing bounty and money!